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We admit, we're not exactly quick to update our site. Scheduled blog entries are out of the question, but we figure we're capable of managing the occasional news update (well, maybe). Here you'll find information on any upcoming events or products that we're working on. Writting isn't our thing, but we'll try our best. Read on.

Runout Media News

Venom Trickshots III - Part I

After a few years of hiatus, Runout Media has finally returned with part I of Venom Trickshots III. Filmed at an upscale oasis style pool in Phoenix AZ, the segment kicks things up a notch with Florian's innovative shot making, and Runout Media's best production to date.

Scheduled as the first of three parts, the segment is made possible by Ozone Billiards, Mezz Cues, Kamui Brand, Rasson Billiards, the APA, Simonis Cloth, and Aramith.

Released on Youtube, the video is free to watch:

Break & Run DVD

After many months behind the camera and in the editing suite, the new BREAK & RUN boxset is finally shipping. All domestic pre-orders should arrive in time for Christmas, while international orders will arrive soon after. More information about the product can be found here.

We've also finally managed to get new 'What Would Efren Do?' t-shirts in stock again, including larger sizes this time. As with our last batch, we've used only the absolute best quality shirts and inks. The design, plus several others, can all be found here.

Break & Run DVD

RUNOUT MEDIA is proud to announce BREAK & RUN, an instructional DVD featuring Darren Appleton, Alex Pagulayan, Mika Immonen, Roberto Gomez, Karl Boyes, Rodney Morris, and Raj Hundal. Geared towards advanced and expert level players, the DVD will address concepts and techniques that were previously unavailable in instructional media.

Content will include such things as expert level breaking, offensive and defensive pattern racking, reading racks, pattern play, advanced position play, 8, 9 & 10ball strategy, etc.

The product will include an additional disc that will feature behind the scenes content filmed during the 2011 US Open. Subtitled in 5 languages and available on both DVD and Bluray, BREAK & RUN will be available for preorder on our website November 1st, and will ship December 1st. It will also be available through worldwide distribution by Christmas.

More project details will follow over the next few weeks.

New broadcast technology

Our primary goal at Runout Media is to modernize coverage of the sport through the implementation of innovative production techniques. Since the company’s inception two years ago, we’ve worked hard to set a new standard for graphics and editing. With each new project we learn, progress, and become more ambitious with new ideas. In recent months we began pre-production on a new DVD series that is scheduled for release in November. As part of this process, we’ve invented a new technology that we will be implementing during the filming of this project.

The technology is similar to that used in the NFL and other high budget sports broadcasts.

First we track the camera in 3d, identifying the 2D plane of the tables playing surface. Using 3d graphics software, we then trace 3D diagrams (position play, ball paths, tangent line, etc) onto the surface of the table with realistic lighting and shadows. By using Simonis tournament blue cloth as a basis for a live blue-screen, we then remove the table surface from the original footage and layer it over the diagrams. These three layers are then composited over the original footage.

The result is realistic diagrams drawn over the surface of the cloth, but *under* the balls and players. The layering technique allows the live action elements to interact with the 3d diagrams, all computed automatically while maintaining proper perspective.

While the diagrams that we’ll be using in our upcoming DVD will be generated using 3D software, this same principle could be done on the fly using a custom telestrator device. With such a device, the entire process could be done in real-time.

Before years-end, Runout Media will be breaking into live production. Although we’ve dabbled in live streaming this past year while assisting other companies, this time we’ll be working on our own. This will afford us the capacity to make key production decisions, and hopefully implement this new technology into future broadcasts.

Look who has a fancy new website!

Big changes are being made at Runout Media. After recent events, we've decided to take the company in an entirely new direction. New projects, new equipment, and a new crew are only a few of the upcoming changes. So what the hell, while we're at it why not throw a new and improved website into the mix to accommodate our rising ambition?

Over the next handful of weeks we'll be adding numerous new features to our website, many of which may come as a surprise. Be sure to check back often, and don't hesitate to send us your feedback.

Canadian Postal Strike Lifted

Runout Media resides in Canada, where a postal strike has managed to grind the mail system to a standstill. This of course left many DVD orders stranded in postal limbo. Thankfully as of today, negotiations have proven successful, and the mail will now begin the tedious process of being processed.

We offer our thanks to all customers who had the unfortunate task of waiting an additional three weeks for their orders.

New Project in the Works

Runout Media is proud to announce that it has a new DVD series in the works. Although the scope of the project extends far beyond anything we’ve attempted before, progress is being made much quicker than usual. Pre-production is almost complete, and numerous key players have already signed on. Details will be released over the course of the month.

Although the concept for the project is currently confidential, we will however offer a hint. The target demographic for this project is dedicated players. Yes, that means you AZ.

Main production is scheduled for September and October, with a potential release date of late November.

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